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When Battle Road Brewery opens, beer fans will rejoice. Located in a historic mill that was once the largest woolen factory in the world, the brewery will hold a state-of-the-art 15-barrel brewing system producing upwards of 1,500 barrels per year of the 1775 Tavern Ale, Barrett’s Farmhouse Ale, Lexington IPA, Midnight Porter, and other seasonal brews. Battle Road Brewing Company will offer tours of the 15-barrel brewery led by founder and master brewer Jeremy Cross, tasting room experiences, environmentally friendly 64oz. crowlers, and more.


History of Battle Road Brewing Company

History tells us that revolution takes an unrelenting spirit of determination. No one knows this better than Battle Road Brewing Company founder Jeremy Cross, who spent the better part of a decade crafting Battle Road’s timeless brews with knowledge gained through more than 20 years of professional brewing experience.

Inspired by the perseverance shown by the brave men who marched along Battle Road during the American Revolution, Jeremy launched this small contract brewing business in 2012 and fought for years to realize his vision of opening a brewery. The rest, as they say, is gustatory.