1775 Tavern Ale

1775 Tavern Ale-Not your average pale ale, this light to medium bodied, dry, unfiltered, unpasteurized ale is hopped with a single varietal. The Slovenian Styrian Golding hops are added throughout the boil with large doses towards the end plus dry hopping. The Styrian aromatics are paired with the Westmalle yeast with its spicy robust character, yielding a complex nose and palate.  With North American 2-Row barley malt, a bit of high-dried “Munich-style”, a toasty “Biscuit” malt and a flavorful caramelized “Munich” malt, this “living” ale makes a savory meal enhancer or a fine contemplative pint.

6.9 ABV   40 IBU

Barretts Farmhouse Ale

Barrett’s Farmhouse Ale-Is a straw-gold rustic ale “on lees” that evokes a time long ago with a robust yeast strain, that likes it hot…a vigorous top-fermenting classic that provides some of the best food pairing flavors on the planet. We temper this spicy, fruity yeast profile with pedigreed noble hops; East Kent Goldings for bittering and a generous dose of Hersbrucker for aroma. This beer will increase in complexity and dryness over time, providing a bit of insolent freshness up front, and more refined dignity even months after the brew date kept in the right conditions…above all upright and away from light.

6.6 ABV    20 IBU

Lexington IPA

brews_glassesOur Lexington IPA is a perfect blend of old and new. We use a classic New England strain of yeast for clean ale flavor. A selection of finest barleys with lots of Vienna malt. And of course a blend of hops including Centennial, Azacca, Mosaic and Citra. Dry-hopped with Citra and Centennial.
Deep brass color, firm malt character, not too dry. Plenty of citrus hop flavors with orange zest on the tongue, with pine and lemon in the aroma.

Midnight Rider Porter by Battleroad BeerMidnight Rider Porter

That we will not hereafter, directly or indirectly import, or cause to be imported, from Great Britain, and of the goods hereafter enumerated, either for sale or for our own use . . . beer, ale, porter, malt.”

So we’re just following instructions. We made our Midnight Rider Porter with an historic twist, using Brown Malt, and a proportion of maize and molasses, traditional to the colonies, a touch of cherrywood-smoked malt, and a centuries-old yeast popular in the 18th century. Our Colonial Porter has the robust yet drinkable quality you want; rich, roasted coffee and chocolate notes, medium-bodied with a balance of hop for structure and the lightest hint of cherrywood smoke. We would like to think George would approve!

Currently available on draft and available in cans winter 2017.

Minuteman Gold

vailable only on draft at Battle Road Brew House, Minuteman Gold is the ultimate expression of delicacy in hand-crafted beer. Light gold in color, and truly utilizing the finest malts and hops the world has to offer. Made in the Kolsch style this very pale ale is crisp and refreshing featuring floor-malted pilsner malt and the perfect balance of spicy, floral Tettnanger hops. Spritzy and Right Anytime!