Midnight Rider Colonial Porter Coming to Your Town!

Battle Road Brewing Company’s “Midnight Rider” Colonial Porter is fresh and hitting shelves and draft lines now. We feel it is the highest quality, best tasting Porter in New England today! We use traditional Colonial-era ingredients like Molasses and Maize, some deliciously smokey Cherry Wood smoked malt from Breiss, an American maltster, some Liberty hops (of course!) to make a teasingly complex yet drinkable Porter that will make your day (or night). Don’t see it at your local? Ask for it! We know you’ll love it. CHEERS from Battle Road!

Battle Road Beers Gaining Placements!

Our beers have been placed at an aggressive rate, and thanks to your support have been in demand with sales at a very promising pace. We intend to enhance our distribution capability to insure a flow of locally crafted, fresh beer to your neighborhood. We offer three styles: 1775 Tavern Ale, Lexington Green East India Pale Ale and Barrett’s Farmhouse Ale. If you local stores and restaurants don’t carry our beers, don’t be afraid to ask the manager to stock! Our beers are available from BayState Wine & Spirits in Avon, MA. Your support can make all the difference! Cheers! BRBC

Happy Patriot’s Day! (But don’t forget that next weekend is the true anniversary”!)

Weeeeelllll….hope Tax Day/Marathon Monday/Patriot’s Day is going OK…we have had a busy week, and a busy month. Thanks so much for all the support (and sales!)…CHEERS! BRBC

Barrett’s Farmhouse Ale and Lexington Green IPA have been brewed!

Even more yumminess on the way!

Try Our New Battle Road Brewing Company “1775″ Tavern Ale

Hey we are stoked! Our first beer “1775: Tavern Ale is hittin’ the shelves as we speak!