Our Beer

1775adJeremy Cross and Scott Houghton have worked together for well over a decade. What is a bit unusual about their collaboration is that while both have their own opinions, theories and philosophies regarding beer and the making of beer, there is a nearly complete lack of egotism or conflict when crafting new beers. Rather there is a civil and excited dialogue centered on mutual respect of both the traditions and science of brewing as well as for the skill and experience of the other. This somewhat rare partnership results in the near seamless union of nearly 40 years of combined professional brewing experience being focused on balancing art with science, chaos with orderly process, and innovation with tradition. Our job is to make beers that are pleasing to drink, of the highest quality available and offer you a choice that you can count on when you choose a Battle Road Brewing Company beer. Let’s see what’s brewing!
1775 Tavern Ale-Is our flagship brand. We use the best quality North American 2-Row barley malt, a bit of high-dried “Munich-style” a toasty “Biscuit” malt and a flavorful caramelized “Munich” malt to round out what is a predominately dry, crisp ale. The hop used is a single varietal, Slovenian-grown Styrian Goldings, added at various rates throughout the boil, including large doses towards the end to insure just a moderate bitterness with a pleasant aroma and flavor for these very fine hops.

Barrett’s Farmhouse Ale-Is a straw-gold rustic ale “on lees” that evokes a time long ago with a robust yeast strain, that likes it hot…a vigorous top-fermenting classic that provides some of the best food pairing flavors on the planet. Of course we love it, and hope you do too. We temper this spicy, fruity yeast profile with pedigreed noble hops; East Kent Goldings for bittering and a generous dose of Hallertau Mittelfruh for aroma. This beer will increase in complexity and dryness over time, providing a bit of insolent freshness up front, and more refined dignity even months after the brew date kept in the right conditions…above all upright and away from light.

Lexington Green East India Pale Ale (IPA)- We select a trio of American grown classics and concoct a late kettle-addition-heavy schedule of hop additions to push forward a pronounced aroma of Humulus Lupulus while respecting the beautiful malts we have selected to round out this reddish, brassy golden ale. Dry and crisp, with a clean malt delivery and a burst of hop flavor, and even more aromatics of Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops added from first wort to the last possible moment before fermentation. Go Green!